About Suggestions Supervisor

Suggestions Supervisor supplies purchaser insights to your online business. You may view quick and long-term vendor ranking metrics, together with detailed suggestions entries.

The significance of suggestions

Consumers can submit just one suggestions remark per order. The hyperlink to depart vendor suggestions is on the primary Amazon web site, on the Your Order web page in Your Account, and is out there to consumers 3 days after the order has been confirmed.

We encourage you to resolve any conditions by researching the basis trigger behind every unfavorable ranking, addressing the customer’s considerations, and improving your processes and insurance policies. For recommendations on managing suggestions, see Enhance your suggestions ranking.

What rankings imply

To depart suggestions, a purchaser should charge you utilizing a 5-star system:

  • Constructive suggestions: 5 or 4 stars
  • Impartial suggestions: 3 stars
  • Unfavourable suggestions: 2 or 1 stars

Suggestions percentages are rounded off to the closest entire quantity and due to this fact your totals can typically add as much as 99% relatively than 100%. For instance, if a vendor has 1,001 constructive, 15 impartial, and 4 unfavorable rankings, for a complete of 1,020 rankings, the chances will present as 98% (rounded off from .981), 1% (rounded off from .014), and 0% (rounded off from .003), for a whole of 99%.

We calculate your suggestions rating utilizing the next technique:

SUM (constructive suggestions) / SUM (all suggestions) for suggestions left within the final 30 days, 90 days, three hundred and sixty five days, and lifelong

For instance, suppose you could have the next suggestions scores:

Suggestions 5 4 3 2 1
Rankings per suggestions 55 35 5 3 2

  1. Whole of all constructive suggestions=90
  2. Whole of all suggestions (1 by 5)=100
  3. Divide constructive suggestions by all suggestions
  4. Suggestions rating=90.0%

We mixture your suggestions into 30 days, 90 days, three hundred and sixty five days, and lifelong time-range buckets. In time, your aggregated star ranking and constructive suggestions proportion will change accordingly as your suggestions rolls by every time-range bucket.

How rankings are exhibited to clients

In case you have greater than 10 purchaser feedbacks over the earlier 12 months, clients will see your 12 month suggestions ranking and lifelong suggestions whole rankings within the following format on the Supply Listings web page:

XX% constructive over the previous 12 months. (YYYY whole rankings).

In case you have lower than 10 purchaser feedbacks within the earlier 12 months, or all your feedbacks are previously yr, clients will see your lifetime suggestions ranking and lifelong suggestions whole rankings within the following format on the Supply Listings web page:

XX% constructive. (YYYY whole rankings).

Understanding Suggestions Supervisor

The Suggestions Supervisor consists of two tables:

The Suggestions Score desk shows your suggestions ranking for the previous 12 months, in addition to your percentages and corresponding precise suggestions counts for 30 days, 90 days, three hundred and sixty five days, and lifelong.

The Current Suggestions desk is ordered by the date when suggestions was obtained and shows precise suggestions with related Order ID and ranking.

In Current Suggestions, you may take the next actions:

  • View suggestions feedback.
  • Submit a public reply.
  • Contact clients.
  • Request elimination of incorrect suggestions (relying on sure instances).

If you want to contact a purchaser with reference to an order or a query, you may contact them straight utilizing the Purchaser-Vendor Messaging Service templates. For extra data, see Electronic mail templates for Purchaser-Vendor Messaging.

Essential: Consumers have 90 days to depart suggestions and 60 days to take away it. Amazon will take away suggestions solely when it meets the standards laid out in our coverage. For extra data, see Can Amazon take away purchaser suggestions?

Incorrect suggestions

If a purchaser makes a mistake when evaluating and submitting suggestions, you can’t edit it, however the customer can delete it.

If you want to request suggestions elimination, you may make a request utilizing the next motion within the Suggestions Supervisor:

  1. Go to the Suggestions Supervisor.
  2. Within the Current Suggestions desk, subsequent to the Order ID you wish to request suggestions elimination, choose Request elimination beneath the Actions column.

For extra data on our tips and insurance policies on suggestions elimination, see When consumers wish to take away suggestions.

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