Noun 1. vehicle – a motorized vehicle with 4 wheels; often propelled by an inside combustion engine; “he wants a automobile to get to work”renting, rental – the act of paying for the usage of one thing (as an residence or home or automobile)air bag – a security restraint in an vehicle; the bag inflates on collision and prevents the driving force or passenger from being thrown forwardalternator – an previous time period for an electrical generator that produces alternating present (particularly in vehicles)ambulance – a automobile that takes folks to and from hospitalsbackseat – a seat behind a automobile (particularly the seat behind an vehicle)fender, buffer – a cushion-like gadget that reduces shock as a result of an impactbumper – a mechanical gadget consisting of bars at both finish of a automobile to soak up shock and forestall critical damagejalopy, heap, bus – a automobile that’s previous and unreliable; “the fenders had fallen off that previous bus”taxi, taxicab, cab, hack – a automobile pushed by an individual whose job is to take passengers the place they need to go in trade for moneycar mirror – a mirror that the driving force of a automobile can useconvertible – a automobile that has high that may be folded or removedcoupe – a automobile with two doorways and entrance seats and a baggage compartmentfender, wing – a barrier that surrounds the wheels of a automobile to dam splashing water or mud; “in Britain they name a fender a wing”fuel guzzler – a automobile with comparatively low gas efficiencyhardtop – a automobile that resembles a convertible however has a set inflexible tophigh gear, excessive – a ahead gear with a gear ratio that offers the best automobile velocity for a given engine speedcowl, cowling, bonnet, hood – protecting protecting consisting of a metallic half that covers the engine; “there are highly effective engines below the hoods of latest automobiles”; “the mechanic eliminated the cowling with a purpose to restore the aircraft’s engine”horseless carriage – an early time period for an vehicle; “when vehicles first changed horse-drawn carriages they have been referred to as horseless carriages”sizzling rod, hot-rod – a automobile modified to extend its velocity and accelerationjeep, landrover – a automobile appropriate for touring over tough terrainlimo, limousine – massive luxurious automobile; often pushed by a chauffeurloaner – a automobile that’s lent as a substitute for one that’s below repairminicar – a automobile that’s even smaller than a subcompact carminivan – a small box-shaped passenger van; often has detachable seats; used as a household carModel T – the primary extensively obtainable vehicle powered by a gasoline engine; mass-produced by Henry Ford from 1908 to 1927 Verb 1. vehicle – journey in an vehicle ¬† ¬†driving – the act of controlling and steering the motion of a automobile or animalgo, locomote, transfer, journey – change location; transfer, journey, or proceed, additionally metaphorically; “How briskly does your new automobile go?”; “We travelled from Rome to Naples by bus”; “The policemen went from door to door on the lookout for the suspect”; “The troopers moved in direction of town in an try and take it earlier than night time fell”; “information travelled quick”


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