Banning-Beaumont, CA Patch

Banning-Beaumont, CA Patch

Simply bought this,:

“Oh, no! Your Neighbor Factors simply dropped beneath -55
Heads up, JS Ragman —

Your Neighbor Factors simply dipped all the way down to -55. This implies your fellow neighborhood members on Patch have been flagging your current posts and replies as promotional, offensive, nonlocal or in any other case violating the Patch Neighborhood Tips.”

Effectively, discuss embarrassing!

So then, if I begin doing that very same factor to posts that I do not agree with, then the poster’s factors will decline, to not point out that no matter they needed to say shouldn’t be seen by all? Oh, the humanity!

CENSORSHIP is happening at many web platforms now, and all of it comes all the way down to political bias it appears, so yeah, why not right here too?

If all are in settlement on every factor shared hereabouts, what a boring time available by all! Closed minds, are small minds, and you might discover that some posters who aren’t in lock step with different’s ideas to incorporate admin, have been leaping ship.

Lock step doesn’t work for me, and as Waylon stated:

“I’ve at all times been completely different with one foot over the road, winding up someplace one step forward or behind…”

And a few the trustworthy haters right here will most likely have a superb comeback to what I simply stated, which is waste of time since I do not learn a lot of that bitter grapes stuff anymore —Reality is, after I get notified that there’s a reply and from simply who, if they’re a tried and true hater, I merely delete it, and do not hassle looking on the reply. What a novel concept, yeah?

You little Scamp’s have enjoyable now, agreeing 100% with each other!

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