Definition of TRAVEL

trav·​el | ˈtra-vəl traveled or travelled; touring or travelling ˈtra-​və-​liŋ , ˈtrav-​liŋ

intransitive verb

1a : to go on or as if on a visit or tour : journey (2) : affiliate travels with a complicated crowd

c : to go from place to position as a gross sales consultant or enterprise agent

2a(1) : to maneuver or bear transmission from one place to a different items touring by aircraft

(2) : to face up to relocation efficiently a dish that travels properly

b : to maneuver in a given course or path or via a given distance the stylus travels in a groove

c : to maneuver quickly a automobile that may actually journey

3 : to take extra steps whereas holding a basketball than the principles permit

transitive verb

1a : to journey via or over

b : to observe (a course or path) as if by touring

3 : to cowl (an space) as a industrial traveler journey mild

: to journey with a minimal of apparatus or baggage

b : a journey particularly to a distant or unfamiliar place : tour, journey —typically utilized in plural 2 travels plural : an account of 1’s travels

b : the movement of a bit of equipment particularly : reciprocating movement


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