RUF Vehicle GmbH – Manufaktur für Hochleistungsautomobile

Right here at Ruf Vehicle, we imagine that in any pursuit, whether or not it’s bowling, horse-riding, snowboarding, swimming or every other sport, you possibly can anticipate finding conviviality, camaraderie and like-minded individuals. And that goes for automobile fans too: we’ve got all the time been delighted by the bonhomie and enthusiasm of the individuals we meet and cope with all over the world. However actual automobile fans should not merely involved with a specific model or worth – they’re followers of vehicles generally.

This variety of cultures, on all types of social and financial ranges, sometimes comes collectively for a motor-show, membership meet or automobile race, demonstrating that their ardour for vehicles and automotive paraphernalia bonds them inextricably collectively. It’s additionally an ice-breaker, and that has been a vital aspect of the RUF inspiration for over 50 years. In aural phrases, it’s exemplified by that symphony of turbos sucking for air, wastegates whistling and exhausts popping, that magic sound you hear as you flooring the throttle, the affirmation for selecting RUF, and why that selection was all the time going to be a foregone conclusion.


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